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Kory’s Carrot Cake

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Prep time: 1 hour (plus overnight chill time for cake) Cook time: 1 hour Serves 20

This recipe comes from Margo Waters of Sacramento. It was created by Kory Rollison, a firefighter captain in Brighton, Mich., who is also a pastry chef. Rollison is well-known for his beautiful and delicious wedding cakes.



4 [...]

Light And Lively Dips For Holiday Celebrations

Light and Lively Dips

(NAPS)—Fashionably slim California endive (pronounced on-deev) spears with their intriguing bittersweet flavor make a crisp dipper for an array of colorful dips. Kids love en­dive’s juicy crunch, especially when scooping up “pretty in pink” raspberry dip. And, each endive “slimmer dipper” has just one calorie.

California endive is less ex­pensive by the pound than most [...]

Agave Carrot Muffins

Sweet Idea: Give Your Baked Goods Agave

Marvelous muffins made with sweet agave nectar can be good and good for you.

(NAPS)—Here’s food for thought: The agave cactus can supply a delicious and natural liquid sweetener. The nectar of the succulent plant is not only tasty, it has a low glycemic index, which can [...]

Chicken With Herbed Vegetable Sauce

Chicken With Herbed Vegetable Sauce

Keep Eating Nutritious Fruits And Vegetables

by Elizabeth Pivonka, President, Produce for Better Health Foundation

This chicken dish can be a delicious way to add a tasty serving of vegetables to your meal. Pivonka

(NAPSI)-Fruits and vegetables are important to a healthy diet. Eating a wide variety provides needed vitamins, minerals, fiber and other [...]